'I attended your producer workshop as part of the Brighton Fringe Academy. It was really amazing, so thank you so much for doing it. I have been to a number of producer talks and personally found yours to be the most useful in terms of practical understanding. After listening to you, I feel I have more of a handle on this than ever before'.

- participant, Fringe Academy: Producers, who are they? What do they do? How do I find one? March 2021

I am able to deliver a number of inclusive workshops and training sessions that draw upon my own skills and experiences – content and length can be tailored to participants’ own levels of experience and understanding and BSL/captioning is available. Please get in touch for more information, to discuss fees or check availability. 

Producers: who are they, what do they do, where do I find one?

A two to three hour workshop for self-producing artists and others interested in producing. You’ll find out more about the role of a producer, what a producer actually does and how to go about working with one. The workshop will be a mixture of information sharing, discussion and group tasks. All participants will also be offered a 20 minute follow-up phone call to answer any specific questions or talk through any individual issues post workshop. 

Arts Council Funding: maximising your chance of success

Aimed at producers or self-producing artists with limited experience of writing successful Arts Council 'Project Grant' applications, this workshop will tackle how to efficiently develop an application and be confident when hitting 'submit'. The workshop will also include an overview of other available funding streams, trusts & foundations and local authority support. 

Producing Practice: One-On-One

An intensive session for individuals – an MOT for your producing practice. We will explore your current working structures, existing support and think clearly about your ambitions and how to plan strategically to achieve them.

Creating a theatre company: surviving and thriving 

A day-long workshop or a series of shorter training sessions that looks deeper at the role of a producer. Specifically aimed at producers working with one particular company on a day-to-day basis (not necessarily full time!) and self-producing artists who would like to get to grips with how to do this successfully without burning out or not getting paid! This workshop aims to give you the tools to create a healthy environment for you and those you work with while developing new theatre and performance work. 

Developing a theatre show: getting the budget to balance

A workshop aimed at producers, artists and companies who have previously struggled to make sense of a budget or who would like a refresh on simple strategies to keep your show financially on track. It will also act as a helpful introduction to producers or self producing artists managing budgets for the first time. Participants are encouraged to bring along a current working budget or an example of an old budget. 


Each year I am able to mentor two emerging producers at no cost to them. This can be tailored to your specific needs and goals. If you'd like to apply please get in touch via email using 'Mentoring 2021' + your name in the subject line. 

Funding advice + application support

I am also available to advise on specific grant applications and help shape drafts into something ready to submit - this is a bespoke service, please get in touch to discuss your needs.