The Plasticine Men

The Plasticine Men is a collective of theatre-smiths, led by Simon Day, scouring the land for stories that lurk on the edge of hearsay and history, begging to be told onstage…

They work with true stories from history, tall stories from folklore (and with stories that lie somewhere in between) to devise shows for a contemporary audience about remarkable worlds, people, times, and places.


Winners of ThreeWeeks Editor’s Award

‘A beautifully crafted piece of no-frills physical theatre’
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

200 years ago, far off the Welsh coast, one man faced an ordeal so diabolical that it would go down in maritime legend, changing the way lighthouses were run forever.

Using original live music and little more than a ladder and a trapdoor, The Plasticine Men conjure up the confines of the infamous Smalls Lighthouse and the stormy companionship of its two keepers.

Based on an extraordinary true story, an enchanting tale of the sudden loss of life and drawn out loss of sanity unfolds between the flashes of the lamp that the ill fated pair must tend each and every night.

Keepers was selected for Caravan 2012 – the bi-annual international showcase celebrating ‘the best new theatre being made across England’.


L’Autruche (The Ostrich)


A motley crew of storytellers raise a stage amongst the debris of a ransacked palace. They mutter furiously about their queen, who had everything and nothing to do with it, playing out scenes of doom and delusion and bodice-ripping romps in an attempt to make sense of the carnage.

A disorderly pageant inspired by the life and times of Marie Antoinette, L’Autruche is about finding yourself in a world that has its own plans for you..


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