Battleship Island

Devised  and produced in collaboration with James Dunbar – Inspired by images of a real-life abandoned island off the coast of Japan, Battleship Island is an interactive theatre piece created for children and their families which draws on the fragility and beauty of the world we all live in.

Taking young audiences on a thrilling and thought-provoking journey using soundscapes, visual imagery, sign language and live performance installation, Battleship Island tells Hiromi’s story – a story of community, courage and friendship. Audiences are invited to venture into the unknown, becoming immersed in the islands’ fantasy, meeting its inhabitants and hearing their stories.

‘Theatre for kids at its best’

‘That was really fun, what a magical adventure’

‘I am really surprised at the feedback from my 7 year old profoundly deaf daughter. She complained saying the event was too short! Normally she is exhausted by these events, but the signing/inclusivity WORKED very well’

Battleship Island premiered at the Basement as part of the Brighton & Hove Children’s Festival in 2012 and toured in 2013 (South Street Reading, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Chickenshed).

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