I’ll Keep Waiting for the Ice Cream Van to Come

Presented by Ian Nicholson & Old Salt Theatre

Ice cream vans are a British icon. In their heyday, 20,000 chimed in our streets but now there are less two thousand: ice cream vans are at risk of extinction.

Created by enterprising migrants and with rumours that Margaret Thatcher invented soft whip ice cream, the ice cream van is emblematic of so many uniquely British contradictions and complexities.

Now the ice cream van is pushed into irrelevance through austerity and social change, something that is echoed in so many other bastions of our cultural identity. What does the future hold for this most British of icons?

Ill Keep Waiting On the Pavement for the Ice Cream Van to Come charts the story of rise and fall of the ice cream van, and our relationship with what it means to be British, through the medium of Mr Whippy…

Touring in 2015/16 – see www.oldsalttheatre.co.uk for details

Old Salt Theatre is a collaborative theatre company, built and based in Portsmouth, dedicated to creating new work that draws on local geography and stories.


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