Focus Group*



TOOT had a great time at the weekend in Derby at DEparture Lounge Festival, sharing the early stages of new show Focus Group*
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1 a play after David Foster Wallace

Inspired by acclaimed US writer David Foster Wallace’s short story Mister Squishy, Focus Group* is an absurd comedy with a dark heart. We invite you to laugh at the joy, loneliness and surreal nature of contemporary life and consumer culture; all guided ably and professionally by our Focus Group moderator, Terry.

Sit back, eat (individually wrapped, luxury) cake, and see a man gradually relinquish the delusion that he matters in the slightest.

Through TOOT’s distinctive style of interactive-storytelling the company will be asking you to consider; ‘is a real connection possible at all?’

…. And then go back to watching kitten videos on Facebook.