I’ve made you a mix-tape…

Last week TOOT transported ourselves (well actually it was a combination of Clare’s Ford Fiesta and a rather packed Great Eastern train service) back to the ’90s, a decade that seems like yesterday but in reality went out with a bang almost 14 years ago (wow, that makes me feel old).

The company’s new show in development, ‘Be Here Now’ is inspired by the music that we listened to, grew up with, bought and played during that decade – a soundtrack that acted as a backdrop to early crushes, school discos, first loves and heartbreak. Think Stock, Aitken and Waterman’s Hit Factory, Bryan Adams’s longest ever number one and the Britpop of Blur v Oasis. It was a time of amazing change in terms of how we listed to, consumed and shared music – the decade began with teenagers taping the charts of the radio (pausing between songs if you were serious) and ended with sharing digital files and the rise and fall of Napster. Continue reading