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Reverend Billy and his choir from the Church of Stop Shopping are using art as form of activism to draw attention and move towards change. He is facing a year in jail for a piece of performance art – an act of political activism – in the we…alth management department of JPMorgan Chase Bank in New York. He is being charged with Riot, Menace and Unlawful Assembly. I hope you agree this is a cause worth supporting.

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Guest Blog: TOOT on the changing nature of art in a digital age

Ovalhouse is staging a series of double bills called You Might Also Like, running work-in-development showings from one London based company alongside another from a different part of the UK

In a recent post on the Guardian Music Blog, Pete Paphides talks about the magic of the anticipation of listening to music and the pleasure felt from an experience that you dedicate time to – the hours spent browsing in the record shop, the carrier bag on the bus home, the way your purchase looks and feels and even the way it smells – the expectation of what you’ll soon be listening to.How we listen to music now and how this has changed was the starting point for Be Here Now, the new show from TOOT – being performed as a series of work-in-progress double bills in October at Ovalhouse. Be Here Now celebrates the thrill of anticipation and ‘music you can hold’. The performance invites audiences to consider how we chart our lives through music; from building a record collection, to creating an identity and a soundtrack that defines us.
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